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Development of a car radiator

Development of a car radiator

China’s car radiator industry brand sense gradually increased. At the beginning of the century, the country conducted a census of domestic automobile radiators, according to statistics, there are more than 1,200 automobile radiator manufacturers in China, but most manufacturers are small in size, production capacity is relatively low, and the technical level is poor. But after development 10 years, the car radiator industry in China appeared group on a large scale, high capacity, more advanced technology, guaranteed product quality of brand manufacturers.

Each car radiator is mounted on one set of inlet and non-return valve, adjusting the amount of water to adjust the heating temperature of each room, the master is free to adjust the room temperature according to their needs, the host automatically adjusts the heat sink consumption of the car according to the energy consumption of heating of each room, so that achieve a convenient and energy-saving heating effect. The car radiator inlet valve is of the usual type and with automatic control type I have two types of temperature, the normal type of the intake valve is infinitely adjustable.

When buying automobile radiators, many people pay attention only to the style and quality of the product, and also ignore the installation and after-sales service, which is an important factor in the use of durable products.Here, the specialists of the automobile radiator factory advise everyone to especially consider the installation and after-sales service when buying automobile radiators. The car radiator heating system has a high technical content, a long time of use, problems can easily lead to associated losses and other characteristics, so installation quality and after-sales service become the second life of a car radiator.

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